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The world of work is rapidly changing. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Gartne…

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The world of work is rapidly changing.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Gartner research identified nine trends that will shape work. Leaders who proactively develop explicit business and talent strategies to navigate these trends will give their organizations a competitive advantage.

Swipe for the trends and tap the link in our bio to read the article by Emily Rose McRae et al.

Artist credit: Illustration by Pablo Caracol

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  1. Who write all these? AI tool? If not, can the human social marketer here be more thoughtful in pronouncing the 9 trends? Basically saying obvious things and breaking down one paragraph into 9 headlines to create 9 trends!

  2. I think and hope people will take back their power, recognize their personal value, and refuse to help corporations. These mega entities will collapse in favor of ethics and personal values. Gone are the days of the “company man.” The company doesn’t care and soon the worker won’t either. It goes both ways. The realization that you can make stable income and follow your path and values will eclipse corps. More people will go out on their own knowing that corporate life is not human or sustainable. ✊🏼

  3. You lost me at 8. I’m a “minority” but I don’t expect to be hired because I’m a Latino and I meet some arbitrary ethics requirement, rather because of my ability to have the skills and the knowledge to get the job

    done. To me, a Latino, DEl is patronizing and condescending as if I couldn’t sell my skills on my own during an interview.

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